Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Black Lives Matter (but only this month?)

Editors, Wisdom Quarterly;
It's not just racism the US faces but shadism: the darker/blacker you are, the worse off.
#BlackLivesMatter: This is "not a moment, but a movement" (

Did you know there's a black American on United States currency? Or is there?

Hey, b*tch, don't stand there staring us down in flip flops! Arrest that black woman! (AP)

"STOP KILLING US!!" reads sign aimed at abusive police doing the new "lynching" (AP).

Oh, for those beloved black leaders we hated when they were alive! Now we love them!

"Don't shoot Alton Sterling." "There is no justice! It's just us!" "No justice No Peace" (AP)

Hey, boy, you're black but you work for us, right? - That's right, son. I'm a trooper. KKK: 3 year old white male dressed in Klan attire reaches for his shadow in black officer's shield, Georgia.

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