Monday, February 23, 2009

Sri Lanka Rejects Tamil Truce (US Protest)

Young protestor chants protests at US Sec'y of State Hillary Clinton, in front of the US Dept. of State, against Tamil genocide in Sri Lanka. Thousands of mem-bers of the Tamil diaspora rallied Friday outside the White House to demand US pressure on the Sri Lankan government as it pursues a major offensive against Tiger rebels (AFP/Paul J. Richards).

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka – Sri Lanka's Tamil rebels, facing likely defeat on the battlefield, appealed for a cease-fire Monday — a call immediately rejected by the government as a final effort by the separatists to "save their miserable skins."

The Tamil Tiger rebels have lost most of their strongholds to government forces and are trapped on a sliver of land in the northeast along with tens of thousands of civilians. The government says it will soon take the remaining rebel territory. More>>

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