Monday, February 2, 2009

War in Sri Lanka

Stark warning issued to civilians trapped in fighting Monday, a day after shells hit a crowded hospital in the combat zone, killing at least nine people (AFP).

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka – A mother and father lay on the floor, their two young children cradled between them. Floral pillows and other bedding were strewn about: They were apparently sleeping when an artillery shell hit their makeshift shelter in northern Sri Lanka, instantly killing them all.

This photo, taken Jan. 23, along with other pictures and video footage taken last week were given to The Associated Press by independent observers. They offer a rare glimpse of the growing toll the civil war has taken on the estimated 250,000 civilians trapped in the all-but-sealed conflict zone.

The images show that despite repeated government denials, civilians are being killed and maimed in the fighting.

Some of the victims were attacked inside a government-declared "safe zone" in rebel-held territory and the wounded were brought to the nearby Puthukkudiyiruppu Hospital, which itself has come under attack. More>>

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