Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Origins: Human Life on Earth

While this may appear to be a hoax, a valid theory of rapid evolution is put forth. Ancient texts of many cultures and times seem to tell the same story: "gods" (devas, brahmas, angels, or simply more technologically advanced life forms) genetically manipulated earthlings to better serve their needs.

This view is not inconsistent with early Buddhist teachings and certainly seems to echo the ancient Indian (one might now say Hindu) conception of human/extraterrestrial interaction. Zecharia Sitchin has made an industry of revealing what seems preposterous to well conditioned consumers of mass media disinformation.

While one cannot presume to know what is really going on, the question of human origins begs for an open mind. In the interest of unbiased investigation and out of respect for the Vedas, Vimana Shastra, apocryphal texts of the Bible, Gilgamesh, Sumerian, history of the Dogan, and countless other oral and written traditions, this human-alien hybrid theory is presented.

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