Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Enigma: "Secret Space" (2005)

Enigma Channel's 2005 "Secret Space" (feature-length, Parts 1-11)

This film contains many video clips of UFOs taken directly from the cameras aboard the Space Shuttle. These are never before seen photos exposing the true nature of NASA and its secret space programs.

Moreover, it exposes the shocking involvement of public figures and secretive high ranking Freemasons in the Apollo Moon missions. The journey then moves deep inside Russia to learn of firsthand alien technology designed to scan individuals and presumed abductees. This is followed by an analysis of official NASA footage of UFOs being shot at in space by secret weapons on the ground.

In the process new NASA footage is revealed of a group of extraterrestrial lights that appear to dance and convey messages to the crew of the Space Shuttle, while converging in the upper atmosphere. This is the first film ever made exposing the ongoing SECRET SPACE WAR.

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