Friday, March 27, 2009

Do Cars or Clothes Make the Man?

Attracting Attention: Does the car, not the clothes, make the man?
Jeffrey Fazio

“Does the male parade his charms with so much pomp and rivalry for no purpose? Are we not justified in believing that the female exerts a choice...? It is not probable that she consciously deliberates; but she is...attracted by the most beautiful, or melodious, or gallant males.”
-- Charles Darwin (speaking on the attraction between peahens and peacocks)

They say that clothes make the man. I beg to differ. It’s definitely the car that makes the man, at least when it comes to attracting the opposite sex.

Just like peacocks flaunting their vast array of brightly colored feathers in hopes of attracting the peahen, so too, do human males strut their stuff in fancy and flashy automobiles to attract the eye of their female counterparts.
That’s not to say that every guy with a fancy car is trying to attract women, nor is it trying to say that all women are attracted to flashy cars. But it does happen. A lot of women are attracted to sexy cars and who could blame them? More>>

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