Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Middle Way (.net)

A deeper meditation practice is something practitioners strive for. I have found a simple tool that can be used in daily life, and takes up no time. The tool is in breakfast. What about it?

Eating your breakfast mindfully
Turn off the TV; you’re not really watching it. Put down the morning new paper; you’re not really reading it. Now you’ve done that taste your breakfast. Instead of simply being distracted by the world’s negativity whilst eating, focus your mind during breakfast.

To do this, focus your mind on the taste in your mouth. Feel the textures, feel the weight, feel the stickiness, feel the sweetness, feel richness, feel it all. Feel how they break up and play around, and how the sense taste moves around the tongue in rapid succession. Just relax and pay attention to your breakfast.

Enjoy eating breakfast, it is not a chore, it’s exciting; there’s a lot going on, but it’s all so peaceful and deep. By doing this every bite, you are eating mindfully, you are meditating in your breakfast, it’s simple.

What happens from here is you’ll find your daily concentration will pick up and you’ll habitually meditating... More>>

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