Friday, March 27, 2009

Pimp This Bum

Web Site Offers Homeless Man Hope
(AP/Esteban Felix/file)

HOUSTON (AP) ― The Web site is a venue for visitors to donate money, services, and goods to help Edwards yank himself out of homelessness.

Until a few weeks ago, Tim Edwards was just another one of the men begging for change at a busy Houston underpass, ignored by most drivers who sped on past without a glance.

But thanks to an Internet marketing campaign and unlikely allies, Edwards has become the human face of homelessness to online viewers drawn to the site by a deliberately controversial name: Pimp This Bum.
During regular Webcasts, dozens of visitors to ask questions about Edwards' life and his slow fall from office manager with a home, a car, and a future to an outcast short of hope and with little prospect of help. More>>

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