Tuesday, April 28, 2009

DMT: Spirit Molecule (film)

Every night the brain releases DMT (dimethyltryptamine) allowing more than dreaming but perhaps a nightly hallucinogenic or psychedelic experience. The molecule exists everywhere in nature -- plants, humans, animals, entities... It is related to the active ingredient in Prozac (a poisonous fluoride-based pharmaceutical widely used to treat clinical depression) and has a much better affect on serotonin levels.

Say what? Why do people wake up speaking in foreign accents?

The future of psychiatric medicine is the further study of entheogens. But the naturally occurring herbs and psychotropic substances are superior and sustainable, unlike synthetic facsimiles.

Presented are a series of interview clips from the movie "DMT: The Spirit Molecule." Its release has been delayed. It is expected out in early 2009.

Firsthand report by Krystal Cole (NeuroSoup.com)

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