Thursday, August 27, 2009

Help with Meditation/Concentration

( There's nothing like starting off the day with meditation. Whether it's five hours or simply five minutes. The important thing is to start. After 21 days it will be a habit. There are many positive benefits to amaze one. The entire day becomes different. And there are many ways to meditate. Find the way that suits you best. Working on oneself is always an "inside job." One simply needs to kick it off. If you succeed in meditating by enjoying this track, excellent. May you have peace and joy, friendship and fun: Live your truth, the truth, making it your ultimate statement.

Afternoon Concentration

Enlightenment is not an "achievement." It is a realization of what already is. Our lives are a journey from knowing, to not knowing, to knowing once again. In meditation it becomes possible to move the other way around from subconscious, to self-conscious, to superconscious. This may be called rapid evolution, self-realization through self-transcendence, going from the limited to the unbounded. It is available now. Practice peace.