Thursday, August 27, 2009

Meditation as "Guided Visualization"

( / Meditation for happiness and wisdom allows the mind to move less and to finally stop wandering. Meditation is not simply relaxation and stillness. A well-centered mind is the gateway to happiness, wisdom, and eventually freedom.

Meditation is the gateway to the immortal realm of nirvana (Pali, nibbana). What is nirvana? It is the realm beyond the Cycle of Samsara. Meditation bridges Samsara and nirvana. All buddhas and Buddhist followers who have achieved high levels of meditation (absorptions and insights) will be able to enter the realm of nirvana and leave Samsara behind.

Mind is the hub of every movement and also of true happiness, which life can shelter under its roof. Only the mind/heart (citta) can locate the proof. Why meditate with effort and tension when the Path begins with ease and relaxation?

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Sit, relax, do nothing. That is, do the same as if relaxing before sleeping but wide awake with attention going where guided. If tired then adjust. If sleepy then go sleep, and come back refreshed. If mentally wandering, open the eyes. Let relaxation happen without tension or force. Sooner rather than later, you will feel joy. Meditation is easier than easy. Simply listen to the guided visualization video if it is too hard to remember what to do. You will succeed. Strong desire makes it fail. So be still, be still, and thereby still the mind. Why sit and try with tension, when the instruction is to relax and allow with ease?