Monday, October 5, 2009

The real Law of Attraction

(Abraham-Hicks Workshop) "Abraham" -- plural, the Source Energies translated [or channeled*] by Esther Hicks -- deliver a five-part introduction to their teachings on The Law of Attraction. Esther and Jerry Hicks are the authors of numerous books (such as the classic Ask and It Is Given) based on the Teachings of Abraham. Their latest book, Money and The Law of Attraction, reached #1 on the New York Times bestseller list. For over 20 years, Esther has translated blocks of thought from "Non-Physical Source Energy," which she identifies as her "Inner Being" or "Soul," and who refer to themselves in the plural as "Abraham" (no relation to the Biblical figure).

The Hicks were originally in, and in a sense the basis of, The Secret. They were edited out of the edition most people have seen due to disagreements with the integrity of the project. The movie was leaving out the "secret" to play into its money-making appeal with the implicit suggestion that the universe could be an ATM for the "asking."

*Esther does not use the word "channeling" to describe her process but understands if others do. For more information on this point, please view the YouTube video entitled "Abraham Explains Who They Are." Or go to ( and listen to the audio entitled "Introduction To Abraham."