Friday, October 2, 2009

Vipassana in So Cal (Goenka)

Dear Vipassana Student: Visit for one-day course information, local group sittings, ten-day windter course in Joshua Tree, center update, and Dharma service opportunities. The one-day free course in Santa Monica will be held on Saturday, October 3, from 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Please check details. Quaker Meeting House, 1440 Harvard St., Santa Monica 90404.

  • To stay overnight at the Joshua Tree center to attend the morning trust meeting, indicate your intention by email so that accommodations may be arranged.

Elizabeth Smart testifies abductor raped her daily
Elizabeth Smart testified in U.S. District Court in Salt Lake City, Utah, Thursday that she was raped three to four times daily and told that if she yelled or tried to escape that she would be killed.

20+ Greenpeace protesters arrested at Suncor oil...
Twenty-one Greenpeace protesters were arrested late Wednesday. One group of protesters was blockading Suncor 's conveyor belts while the other group was on the Athabasca River, which runs between Suncor's property in Northern Alberta.

Sarah Palin would be a catastrophe for GOP in 2012
John McCain's 2008 Presidential Campaign Manager and GOP strategist, Steve Schmidt, thinks if Sarah Palin were to win the Republican nomination in 2012 than it would be a disaster to the Republican Party.

Letterman admits to sex with staffers after extortion threat
Late-night talk show host David Letterman confesses to sexual relations with staffers during a taping of "Late Night with David Letterman." The admission follows a $2 million extortion attempt resulting in an arrest on Oct. 1.

High Court in Britain serves injunction using Twitter
The High Court in Britain has for the first time served an injunction to an unknown person, using the social networking and micro-blogging site Twitter.

Political scheme turns Mexican into odd celebrity

An eccentric street vendor known for his Rambo-style headband took charge of Mexico City's most populous borough — at least for a few hours. Rafael Acosta strode into Mexico City's legislature with his arms raised triumphantly and was sworn into office. Immediately after the ceremony, he requested a leave of absence — part of an elaborate political scheme that has captivated Mexico.