Tuesday, June 4, 2013

America about to declare WAR (video)

Remember 1984, heady days when we championed endless war on a tactic?

Opening up a new front (and, more importantly, a new profit stream for the industrious side of the MIC, the Military-Industrial Complex), America plans to officially declared war on whistleblowers.
This is actually a war in support of all other wars, whether they are kinetic actions currently being undertaken or our future "spontaneous reactions" on the drawing board. 

M.I.T. Prof. Noam Chomsky explains how the MIC manufactures consent.
  • Because it is illegal to initiate war, according to international law, we can only respond to provocations. So on the drawing board are those very provocations. The US government and its associated forces in industry are constantly manufacturing consent for war (by manufacturing pretexts and false flag operations). This helps avoid surprises.
The US Military vs. the Truth (DN)
Well, on second thought, it may not declare this one either. Yesterday began the vigorous prosecution and court martial trial -- asking for a minimum of life imprisonment -- of young future Nobel Peace Prize laureate U.S. Army Pfc. Bradley Manning. He is Public Enemy No. 2. WikiLeaks' Julian Assange is No. 1. And war is peace.
WikiLeaks' lawyer sees spurious "enemy" claims and bid to SCARE whistleblowers MORE

Say no to war, why? My bank, gov't, and TV wants me to say yes (warisacrime.org)

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