Tuesday, June 18, 2013

RAP: Kanye Yeezus, JZ Samsung, Powerhouse

Boo, Tee, and Seven, Wisdom Quarterly
He wants to call his baby what? "Yeezus"? You gotta be kidding! No, not your baby.
JAY Z's new album "Magna Carta Holy Grail" comes to Samsung Galaxy fans first -- if they are among the first million to download the app on June 24th to get the album free July 4th, three days before the rest of the world (magnacartaholygrail.com).

I love my corporate branding
Rap music in bed with corporations? Of course. The music industry is almost nothing but corporations.
But Samsung, Inc. is taking it a step further. They have bought the first million copies of Jay Z's yet-to-be-released album.
How must J Cole feel? His new album drops today, the same day as his main competition: New father Kanye Kardashian nearly soiled his baggy pants when he found out his baby was coming out early -- the one named Yeezus, not KimYe, who was premature, too.

Powerhouse mega rap concert, Honda Center, Anaheim, OC, June 22, 7:00 pm
WQ: Well, Boo, is Kanye's album any good?
BOO: It's actually surprisingly good. Everybody knows he's a jerk, but he makes Goode music.
WQ: What does sing about?
BOO: Kanye.
WQ: Yeah, Kanye.
BOO: No, Kanye.
TEE: Kanye sings about Kanye!
WQ: We thought he was Yahoo.
BOO+TEE: "Yeezus"
WQ: Whatever. Is it true he claims to be a "god"?
BOO+TEE: He's just kidding.
WQ: But he talks to Jesus?
TEE: Uh, yeah.
WQ: Are you guys going to Powerhouse this weekend, and do you think Kanye will make a surprise appearance?
TEE: Hells yeah and he prolly will.
BOO: [Pornstar and future wife] Kim and her mom won't let him.
WQ: How is 2 Chainz doing? Should we still do that Zen Koan piece about his song "Wut We Doin"?
BOO: Yeah!
TEE: He was arrested at LAX Airport for carrying sizzrup and pot.
WQ: Keep it real.

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