Friday, June 7, 2013

Santa Monica Massacre (video)

Pfc. Sandoval, Pat Macpherson, Seven, Wisdom Quarterly; KPCC (SCPR); KCRW
Dirty Wars: Covert operations from Santa Monica to Afghanistan

Police said Friday four people died in a shooting rampage that started at a small home and spilled onto the campus of Santa Monica College, where police exchanged gunfire with the suspected gunman, who was executed in the school library (Grant Slater/KPCC). More

The covert MIC/US wars are prosecuted worldwide but nowhere more than holy Afghanistan, the Gandhara area of ancient India where Siddhartha was likely born and raised before traveling to India and buddhahood (BuddhistArtNews).

Obama is fundraising in the city
After ten "lock downs" this year to acclimate elementary and college students, Santa Monica -- the most famous beach in Los Angeles -- finally gets its own Manchurian Candidate shooting. This one is centered during finals week at the 38-acre Santa Monica College campus, near Santa Monica and Venice beaches.
SUSPECT: A white male in dark clothes stepped out of a vehicle with no expression on his face and began randomly shooting at cars and buses, grazing at least one bus passenger and critically injuring at least four hospitalized students -- according to early reports in one of the most media-savvy places on Earth. Hollywood is only ten or so miles from the shooting. Pres. Obama is busy three-miles away raising funds for his party and his own perverse purposes, "perverse" in the sense that he presents himself as a liberal and promotes reactionary right-wing policies as if Bush & Son were still in office illegally signing secret laws into effect. 
Gandhara-style Buddha and disciples, Oriental Museum, Durham (Akuppa/
Various police agencies have locked down local schools and are swarming through the beach town. A possibly unrelated structure fire is coincidentally roaring. Fukushima radiation is washing up on the shore. And Jeremy Scahill's DIRTY WARS: THE WORLD IS A BATTLEFIELD is premiering down the road near UCLA tonight with one of the filmmakers.

Breaking reports are that the suspect set a house fire killing two, car jacked some vehicles, and caused the rerouting of Pres. Obama's flight to Rancho Mirage, Annenberg Estate, for his meeting with his Chinese counterpart Pres. Xi to broker some deals and feign shaming China into reducing its espionage efforts while the US is exposed as the greatest effort to privacy since that famous German regime of recent history. 

Then as now, guns can be confiscated from everyone but police and other gun toting criminals with few protests. "[The gunman] was there to do a job," claims eyewitness Mr. Nokei Tramalolo calling into KPCC radio. He was a husky, 220 lb man, with a police helmet, black police jackboots, dressed in black, with protective bulletproof vest, carrying an AR assault rifle. Police are clamping down on the media (Avishay Artsy, SMC's KCRW FM producer) and not allowing them to speak to students.

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