Thursday, January 16, 2014

How to CLEAN up radioactivity naturally

Dev, Dhr. Seven, Kalyani, Ashley Wells, Wisdom Quarterly; Paul Stamets (
Wild mushroom, Amanita muscaria, toadstool among fall leaves (Lila Daley)
We may make new problems, but Nature already has the solutions (
Is there anything HEMP can't do?
Fukushima? There are natural ways of dealing with radioactive contamination. Here we present three.
One is known but has always been ignored as it does not serve the petrochemical industry, the oily arm of the military-industrial complex (MIC). It is the use of Brown's gas (Co2 + H2O), which untested is dismissed as unreal, a product of water electrolysis.

The hydrogen gas produced by the H20 split burns cleanly, welds, cuts, and when used on radioactive contamination decontaminates it. How is a mystery, one not explored by a culture totally dependent on oil, gasoline, and toxic fuels and chemicals.

Mycological Society of SF (
The other two are more amazing because they occur naturally -- mushrooms (fungi, particularly the psychoactive varieties) and hemp (industrial, non-psychoactive cannabis). Paul Stamets ( has already demonstrated the ability of mushrooms to rehabilitate soil contaminated by oil spills. How miraculous are the nature devas to be able to deal with nuclear contamination?
Fungi Perfecti Catalog (
(, 05-31-13) Crusading mycologist Paul Stamets says fungi can clean up everything... global problems like radioactive waste, global warming, oil spills, and cancer. collaborating with Stamets to decontaminate the zone around...

(RevolutionLoveEvolve) Underground Solutions: How Mushrooms Can Help Save the World
(, 04-16-11) ...Burning the mushroom will result in radioactive ash.... it's a fascinating proposition and potentially very valuable for radiation decontamination.
Can hemp, marijuana, and mushrooms fix Fukushima?
(, 10-16-13) CANNABIS CULTURE - Certain mushrooms, cannabinoids.... According to one website, "food radiation should not exceed 500 Becquerel/Kg."...Not only are decontamination efforts ineffective, but TEPCO...
Hemp is a weedy crop, not a drug to smoke.
Hemp is a variety of cannabis grown for fiber and seed. Hemp is incredibly valuable, often called a “cash crop.” Hemp is a very hearty plant and grows very quickly in very diverse soil conditions. Cultivation of hemp for industrial purposes in many civilizations has gone on for over 12,000 years. 
(, 11-21-12) ...Another problem is that decontamination work in mountainous areas is extremely difficult.... "I also don't want to explain why we can't provide the mushrooms because that could lead to negative publicity that radiation is also a...
( They also continue to eat mushrooms, berries, and other local forest foods despite... Radioactive cesium can in some cases be washed or wiped off smooth... The committee concluded there is little need to decontaminate entire forests.
(, 02-17-13) ...However, radiation levels are lower there than they are in some parts of Tokyo; ...Additionally, mushrooms can absorb contaminants from the air or rain if they're... Could the mushrooms be used to decontaminate soils? 
( Eighteen years after the Chernobyl disaster, radiation continues its deadly work. ...Revisiting the accident "that could never happen here" ...“Yesterday, all afternoon, he picked the mushrooms from the woods..... declaring, “it proved unreal [sic] to fully decontaminate settlements... 
(, 08-16-13) ...The mushrooms that used to provide a livelihood for foragers are... First, there is a risk that radioactive isotopes can return to decontaminated...
Hemp is a variation of Cannabis sativa. It is the most useful plant known to humankind. In fact, its name means useful (sativa) hemp (cannabis). Hemp is not "marijuana"; it is not an intoxicating plant like its cousin. Hemp is used to make over 25,000 consumer products from hemp apparel and accessories...

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