Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Human beings came from another planet

Pat Macpherson and Pfc. Sandoval (eds.), Wisdom Quarterly; Sarah Griffiths (DailyMail.co.uk, 11-14-13); Rob Waugh (Yahoo News, 9-30-13)
One of the habitable planets found by NASA, Gliese 667d (NASA)
One of the habitable exo-planets found by NASA, Gliese 667[C]d (NASA)
Habitable planets found by NASA (NASA)
Sunburns, bad backs, labor pains... prove it
A U.S. ecologist has claimed that humans are not from Earth but were put on the planet by aliens tens of thousands of years ago.

Dr. Ellis Silver points to a number of physiological features to make his case for why humans did not evolve alongside other [relic and fossil hominid] life on Earth, in his new book. 

Dr. Ellis suggests that the Earth might be a prison planet, since humans seem to be a naturally violent species and are here until we learn to behave ourselves. 

They range from humans suffering from bad backs -- which he suggests is because we evolved in a world with lower gravity -- to getting too easily sunburned and having difficulty giving birth.

Dr. Ellis says that while the planet meets humans’ needs for the most part, it does not perhaps serve the species’ interests as well as the aliens who dropped us off imagined. More
Other earths in space, potentially habitable exoplanets revealed (space.com)
Yggdrasil solar system (EO)
Dr. Ellis Silver offers arguments, based on human physiology, that suggest we may not have evolved alongside other life on Earth -- but arrived from elsewhere.
A balloon returned from a high-altitude flight this year covered in microscopic life forms that seemed not to be of this world.
And it reignited the debate over whether life on Earth actually began here or somewhere else.
We did not evolve here like other hominids
This year, other scientists have argued that life originated on Mars, due to a mineral found in Martian meteorites, thought to be crucial to the genesis of life.

Another experiment showed that amino acids could have arrived in impacts with comets -- which suggests life might be widespread in the solar system.
Many alien worlds
But a new book by American ecologist Dr. Ellis Silver argues that humans may well not be from Earth: We may have arrived separately!

Silver offers arguments, based on human physiology, that suggest we may not have evolved alongside other life on Earth -- but we arrived from elsewhere, brought here by aliens as recently as a few tens of thousands of years ago.

Silver, an environmentalist who is currently working with the effort to clean plastic debris from the Pacific Ocean, says his book aims to provoke debate -- and it is based on scientific work on the difference between humans and other animals. More

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