Sunday, January 12, 2014

Voodoo, Haitian, and African religions

CC Liu, Wisdom Quarterly; Patrick Bellegarde-Smith; Krista Tippett (, 1-9-14)
Shamans? Nigerian Yaruba Voodoo spirits ceremony (
Real Voodoo ceremonies for Americans in New Orleans (

The word "Voodoo" evokes images of sorcery and pins in dolls. In fact, it is a living tradition wherever Haitians are found. And it is based on ancestral religious concepts and traditions in Africa.  

Enslaving Haiti (Randal Robinson)
On Being walks through this mysterious tradition -- one with dramatic rituals of trances and dreaming and of belief in "spirits" (lwa or devas, kami), who speak through human beings, with both good and evil potential.
Take the Sewa Challenge (Yoga Journal)

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