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911: The War Presidents' Wars on Mesopotamia

I. Rony, Pat Macpherson, Ashley Wells, Pfc. Sandoval, Seth Auberon, Dhr. Seven, CC Liu, Wisdom Quarterly; Sight: America's Middle East war "duties"

U.S. makes war on Middle East to gain full-spectrum dominance. But what about PR? Oh, show a burial: Maj. Xavier Miller, N.M. Nat'l Guard, in beret, leads burial of Sfc. Ken W. Westbrook at the veterans' section of the Shiprock, N.M. Community Cemetery. He was wounded to death on Sept. 8, 2009 when natives insurgents fought back in Ganjigal Valley, Afghanistan, while he was busy invading their country (AP).
Happy 13th 9/11 Anniv! Hey, guess what? Another war! You're welcome! (Johnathan Hobin)
US terror=pro-war propaganda
Pres. B.S. Obama echoed G.W. Bush's "coalition of the willing" invading Iraq and eventually killing more than a million people to promote "American interests" (read oil, Israel, and strategic influence of the Middle East).
The CIA's own Bush I, as President 41, was responsible for killing one million children with a devastating blockade and U.S. subterfuge.

I said, Stand up to your bosses, tell them no!
Of course, the USA is not guilty of anything because those dictators, like my little brother when I punch him, he's making me punch him. I don't want to punch him, but he forces me to. Just ask my mom. And when I beat him, it's because he had the audacity to do something, anything, to resist my punch. Here is how it works:
Five-Point War Plan
  • "War is Peace" (1984)
    (1) Set up and fund a dictator.
  • (2) Act outraged by his outrages, which you help him commit (say, by giving him poison gas he then uses on a restive province of foreigners technically in a part of his own country).
  • (3) Claim a "coalition" (like me and my other brothers) that you are joining even when everyone can see you are the kingpin with hangers on.
  • (4) Show some "shock and awe" to expend as many munitions as will profit the war-profiteers, but don't call them "profiteers," go with "arms, weapons, defense contractors."
  • (5) Bomb them to the Stone Age in the name of policing the world as part of a vague concept, such as White Man's Burden (which will have a very ironic twist as you get a half Black man to announce it).
Mesopotamia (next to the USA/CIA's Israel at left) closer to future target of Iran (detail)
If only I could speak as well as Barry.
(6)? No 6, no exit strategy. Who needs one? When you destroy Terrorism, Weapons of Mass Destruction, the Beast from the East, Islamic State (a stand-in for the Islam our Western Crusaders attacked. Oh, and don't forget the PRETEXT! The CIA/MIC/NSA/FBI/NSC must have said to the Military-Industrial Complex at their general meeting in Bilderberg, the Trilateral Commission, Bohemian Grove, or wherever else they meet nowadays, "We're going to have even progressives and bleeding heart liberals demanding blood and violent vegeance with these beheadings!" and the old white men smoking along with the others must have scoffed.

It's not our crimes, it's those finks!
PysOps PR is the military's best friend, and you're going to need it to fan the fires of racist hatred, to get the home crowd cheering for industrial-level WAR, and to avoid being dragged to the Hague's International Court for violations of international law, crimes against humanity, violations of the Geneva Convention, and assorted war crimes.

[If detonating and collapsing two buildings in your business capital won't work again, topple two "Americans" (US citizens) in vivid and gory detail. People always take the personal much more personally than some spectacular gore.]

We're on the same team behind the scenes
[Welcome to the club, Barry O! You're one of us now, the Old Boys' Network, the War President with a Nobel Peace Prize in his pocket. At least when you sold us out, you got something nice for yourself. That's good.]
Thirteen years after the September 11 terror [display, filmed in exquisite detail by operatives from Israel who knew the exact time it was planned and had to be crossing the street with the camera facing up to catch the perfect angle of a direct hit for an epic shot used to "prove" it was a spontaneous attack, followed by CGI enhancements to further prove it happened the way we said it happened], this was supposed to be a season of relief.

Change? No we can't. Bush made making war too easy: executive decree for Democrats.
It's true! I taught'im well. And he's a Dem
Iraq [was supposed to be] managing on its own [pulling itself up by the footstraps from the Stone Age we bombed it backed to with illegal strikes on civilian infrastructure like water, sanitation, and any kind of hygiene concerns] and most U.S. [ground] troops finally ending their combat duty in [innocent] Afghanistan.
Obama's horns make him look like antichrist
Instead, Americans are [cheering, demanding, growling for revenge just as planned by the people at the Company who plan such things by aiding and abetting "terrorists" to choreograph and document their war crimes so we will have a reason for committing our war crimes then] bracing for another upsurge of military engagement.

I can't believe this Black guy beats Bushes
[Isn't that a nice way of saying "waging war without declaring your internationally illegal aggression"? It's based on extending the definition of "defending America" to defending "American interests" then defining "interests" any way you want to.]

[This will take place] in a region where one [U.S.-sponsored] war blurs into another [the way our wars using our creation in Israel as proxy blur into endless conflict in that redheaded stepchild we call that restless Middle East, which just can't behave no matter how much we beat it].

Sleep, princess, sleep.
Across the world, a generation has now grown up amid this continuous conflict, and there's no end in sight.

[Congress. Congress? Congress could intercourse itself. What does it think it is, a moderating force, a check, a balance, a body with the power to "declare" war? The Bush Dynasty doctrine and its attendant laws means, "I don't need no stinking declaration," vote, or nothing!]

[Preemptive, preemptive, that's the word. And, anyway, my coalition says I'm not going at it alone. ISIS = Al Qaeda?]

He gets to capitalize on my political capital?
Close enough! I've got Congress's authorization in my pocket. If Col. Colin Powell didn't get in trouble for war powers abuses -- and if Rumsfeld, Cheney, Rice, and that other guy -- are still walking around freely, who's going to do anything about it?]

"The Cold War took 45 years," said Elliott Abrams, a longtime diplomat who was top Middle East adviser to President George W. Bush. "It's certainly plausible that this could be the same. ... It's harder to see how this ends." [Happy 13th 9/11 Anniversary!] More

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