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Irish-Buddhism on St. Paddy's Day (tavern talk)

Pat MacphersonDhr. Seven, Amber Larson, Seth Auberon, Ashley Wells, CC Liu, Crystal Quintero, Pfc. Sandoval, Bhante, Maya, Kelly, Bela, Wisdom Quarterly Dr. Laurence Cox
Kiss me, dummy, I'm Irish! Oh, how we used to party at U Mass for St. Pat's
The woodland devi Danu and the wee people in the fairies' realm of Ireland (amayodruid)

Pasadena's authentic Irish tavern, putting the pub back in "public life" (tboylestavern.com)

Gaelic rules!
Wisdom Quarterly will be gathering for a collective editorial meeting in celebration of St. Paddy's Day in Pasadena on Tuesday, March 17, 2015 after the close of business (5:00 pm) till the Tavern closes down and throws us out onto the alley. The three dual topics or points of business to be discussed will be:

(1) The first Western person to become a Buddhist monastic, the Irishman Ven. Dhammaloka (Dubliner Laurence Carroll, who more than century ago traveled to California then Southeast Asia to ordain in the Theravada tradition), and the possible ascension of Irish Buddhist Pat Macpherson to replace Amber Larson as features editor so Amber can return full time to Dharma editing;
  • VIDEO: "The Dharma Bum": feature-length, partially-animated documentary on the tantalizing subject of a freethinking atheist alcoholic Irish hobo, born in 1856, who traveled across the globe to Buddhist Burma, renounced the bottle, shaved his head, donned saffron robes, and became a Theravada Buddhist monk,  and in doing so could very well prove to be the missing link in the origin story of Western Buddhism! (Ian Lawton, Ireland/Dana.io crowdfunding)
First black U.S. president was Irish? (AP)
(2) whether drinking ale as food (beer as “bread”) can fit within the parameters of the Five Precepts and the growing “Irish or Celtic Buddhist” movement;

(3) allowing gays to finally participate in East Coast St. Paddy's day parades; and the real origins of “Saint Patrick's Day.” Do most readers know that St. Paddy was a British/Roman slave brought to the Emerald Isle and kept as a captured servant against his will until his escape back to Britain six years later?
Celtic Buddhist Rev. Peers
What manner of homosexual abuse was forced on him as a hapless slave can only be surmised, but immediately on escaping he thought it would be a good idea to go to the Vatican in Rome to join an all-male Catholic monastic order.

He then returned the favor of Pagan s*d*my by sticking it to Ireland in the worst possible way as a Christian missionary intent on domination, genocide, the establishment of Church rule, Christian conversion by the sword, and the eviction of all the dragons (nagas or “reptilians,” since Ireland has never had any actual animal-snakes, dragons, or serpents).

This must have been why the Brit heavy metal musician, lead singer and lyricist for Sabbat, wrote the album “Dreamweaver.” Such songs as “Clerical Conspiracy” talk about journeying as a British Christian (i.e., a pre-Anglican Catholic) missionary to wipe out the Pagans in the south and across the seas only to realize the error of his ways. But we all love our “Celtic” heritage -- as if there were one anymore than there is a definitive “Anglo Saxon” or other proud European lineage to cling to -- and what we imagine as Celtic gets tied up with our “Catholic” cultural identity.

(MP) The year 2014 celebrated a quarter century since the making of one of the finest metal albums ever made, Sabbat's "Dreamweaver (Reflections of Our Yesterdays) from Noise Records.
Ireland's great revolutionary, Galway Che, honored with a monument (thesundaytimes.co.uk)
Bringing Buddhism alive in Ireland, the Savaripa Family (CelticBuddhism.org)

Recollecting the devas: Devi Danu (K. Dillon)
So we will not stand for it being sullied, defiled, or marred by the hidden historical truth or any untoward speculation about our greatest “saint.” We defend the genocidal Catholic emperor Constantine, for goodness sakes! So how are we not to defend our hometown boy Patrick? Even if he is technically not Irish but British, a Royalist, and a Roman enslaver. Happy Pagan Genocide Day.
Mexican Irishman Peter Griffin (Family Guy)
But what any objective Irish person might think, the Holy Roman Church says he's a “saint” and a “liberator” who killed the Celtic Pagans (nature worshippers following the “Old Ways” brought over from continental Europe that served the people for so long, like the Druids or Wiccans or Ancients in Stonehenge, the Salisbury Plains, and other sacred locations. Sister Margaret Prescod (sojournertruth.org) had it right this morning in her brief summary of St. Paddy's Day and the real “Saint Patrick.”

Prof. Laurence Cox, Maynooth Univ., Ireland
We will also be honoring the revolutionary Galway Che Guevara and singing Irish songs and poetry in honor of Gaelic culture that now extends around the world. A special dedication to the bhūmi-devas (the earthbound “woodland-fairies” or fay) will also be made. Join us for this special Irish-Buddhist observance melding Gaelic, American, Latin, and perhaps even some British and Catholic customs as only Los Angeles can!
Irish Celtic European map of the Gallia tribes and their towns (wiki commons)
The gate to the Irish Fest(s) Los Angeles, Pomona Fairplex (Wisdom Quarterly)

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