Thursday, October 29, 2015

India's [Sexy] Daughter (video)

CC Liu, Crystal Quintero, Pfc. Sandoval, Wisdom Quarterly; Public Radio Int'l (

(Bollywood Unseen) "India's Daughter" is presented here as a full BBC documentary: "Nirbhaya" has been BANNED in India, so we created another documentary to showcase the trauma a rape victim goes through. Nirbhaya was one of India's daughters who is going through this pain, but there are many more daughters who face the same pain who are not noticed by anyone as the media ignores them. This documentary is based on a real story of one of India's Daughter who would otherwise go unnoticed.

India's Daughter (trailer)
A film too controversial to be seen? Reaction: (Dante Sears Geyer) Oh My Goodness! :( WOW. I am speechless. It's time for India to change their view on women's rights.

China's "one child" policy
No sexy nudity in China, please.
The policy only applied to majority Han Chinese in cities, but even they tried to get around it. Communist-capitalist China has an average of 1.6 children with this draconian policy in place, whereas relatively free Taiwan and Hong Kong each have an average of 1 child. They did it on their own, not by being a police state doling out forced abortions.
Dr. Dre, Ice Cube
Crips vs. Bloods, Reds versus Blues, Republicans vs. Democrats.

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