Thursday, March 7, 2019

Secret NAZI empire exists today (video)

SkyWatch TV, 7/20/16; Coast to Coast 12/3/15; Pfc. Sandoval, S. Auberon, Wisdom Quarterly
Steve Quayle discusses fantastic Empire Beneath the Ice (Part 1)
Steve Quayle joins host Derek Gilbert to discuss his amazing new work Empire Beneath the Ice and the esoteric connection between the Nazis and the occult quest that drove Hitler and German elites to find an underworld location of the gods (devas).

Author, researcher, and Christian fanatic Steve Quayle (Empire Beneath the Ice) discusses his work uncovering why much of what we know about World War II and the alleged defeat of Hitler and Nazi Germany is mistaken.

Quayle contends that Nazi SS members, scientists, and soldiers escaped with Hitler to create colonies in other parts of the world such as South America and Antarctica and continued their awful research.

According to an interview with a British wartime officer in the summer of 1944, a team of 30 British scientists and commandos found an ancient tunnel in the Antarctic and went through it. Only two returned. They described seeing "Nazis under the ice, polar men, and an under-the-ice city," Quayle recounts.

During Admiral Byrd's "Operation High Jump" in the Antarctic, Nazis in flying saucers attacked the US armada in 1947. To create their disc-shaped space craft, the Nazis reversed-engineered ancient technology via occult means such as seances "with ghost-like figures dictating to them advanced mathematic formulas," Quayle reports.

The whole structure of the Nazi global war machine was based on the occult and supernatural revelations he adds.

Quayle argues that the Germans actually won WW II, and to this day the world is secretly controlled by a malevolent shadow government.

"The Nazis absolutely tapped into the multidimensional stargate realm...and through their banking interests and conglomerates still rule the world and are going to bring about the Antichrist" using hidden technology that is also possessed by the US and Russia, Quayle warns.

Pearl Harbor Revelations
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