Tuesday, July 9, 2019

The world loses Rip Torn (R.I.P.)

Rip Torn/"Artie", Larry Sanders Show (HBO); Seth Auberon, Crystal Q., Wisdom Quarterly

(Tassie G) I read that Garry Shandling [the star of The Larry Sanders Show] told Rip Torn to conjure Artie as if Ruben Kincaid had an anger problem. Nailed it! He was one of the best characters and actors in TV history, no question.

Sadly we lost Rip Torn on the same day multi-billionaire Ross Perot is reported dead at 89. The Independent presidential candidate was, we are told, taken by leukemia. His estimated more than $3,000,000,000 (three billion dollar) fortune could not find him an alternative cure or natural treatment, although they exist. Instead, Perot is probably alive and off-planet, cured by an Elysiun-style machine, rejuvenated, and given a few extra years or centuries, as the super-rich allegedly have access to. But that is speculative and merely reported by eyewitnesses on Coast to Coast. It is not actually

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