Thursday, August 14, 2008

Wise Buddhist Words

Quoting the Buddha

Recital and video by Sarah Swofford

Anumodana means "generosity of spirit," that is to say, the willingness to applaud and approve of another's skillful action or well done deed.

  • When we approve, at heart or aloud (as when some say "Aum," or "Amen," or "Hip Hip Hooray!"), we make for ourselves a Blessing (mangala) here and now: The mind is uplifted and good mental-karma generated.
  • If we say the words aloud to others, praising someone else's skillful conduct, the mind is uplifted and good verbal-karma is generated as well.
  • Moreover, if we follow suit and model our own behavior after the skillful person we admire in our minds, the mind is uplifted and good physical-karma is generated.

Therefore, by someone's skillful action -- in this case Sarah Swofford who read, recited, and posted this Dharma -- it is possible to be "blessed" in a Buddhist sense. The gift of the Dharma is the highest of all gifts -- because it leads to other gifts. So give without being diminished by giving. Praise when the tendency is to envy, or criticize, or dismiss (in and of themselves unskillful and unwholesome mental acts).

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