Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Galexis: Channeling Wisdom

Galexis (as channeled by Ginger Metraux, Ph.D.) on emergence from today's chaos

GALEXIS is a group of beings who speak as one, downloading pivotally helpful and magnificently important information. Galexis gives answers, energy transfusions, and healings to those in their presence. Come experience their love, their touch, and receive the healing you desire: physically, emotionally, spiritually. Galexis also offers advice on living a daily life, celebrating spirit, and living purposefully. They answer questions, impart freedom from the past, optimism and joy about the future, and grace through any now.

Ginger Metraux, Ph.D. is heeding the guidance to channel healing and transformation to all those ready and at a heightened state of availability during this time of planetary fear and chaos. You are needed now, to step up, to heal what stands in your way. Ginger Metraux is a channel, energetic healer, medical intuitive, astrologer, spiritual counselor, author, and psychic. Since January of 1980 she has experienced tremendous healing and personal development, birthing these abilities along the way, all of which she professionally shares with the universe as it beckons her to. Ginger received her doctorate from Excelsior College (previously Walden University) in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Her doctoral case study was on the effects of emotional and personal change on visual acuity. To further develop her energetic abilities, Ginger studied with a renowned medical intuitive and Russian shaman, Dr. Gregory Antyuhin.

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