Friday, July 23, 2010

Learn Nonviolent Communication

Parenting Boot Camp
Learn "nonviolent communication" with Bill Stierle (stir-lee). During this lively, interactive series in Los Angeles participants will gain a greater understanding of why children think, behave, and communicate the way they do. The group will work with the most difficult and challenging parenting issues and help develop new communication tools to take home and apply immediately with a detailed workbook, handouts, and materials. (310) 433-8380 or

"Bill's parenting class was incredibly valuable. Bill's practical and easy to learn tools have drastically changed my relationship to my two children." - Greg Anderson

eBooks: My Kids Push My Buttons Learn how to listen and speak with children in a new way that fosters kindness, love, and respect. My Parents Push My Buttons Written by Bill Stierle and his 17 year old daughter Malia Rock. Being a teen doesn't have to be so hard. This book is a quick start guide that helps teens and parents navigate the years between a teen's first party to his or her first car. In a voice teens relate to and parents appreciate, the book offers a different way to communicate and understand each other. My Students Push My Buttons A whole brain approach for communication between teachers and students. The tools and resources offered in this book will transform classrooms!

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