Friday, September 17, 2010

Atheist Dawkins rages back at [Nazi] Pope

Atheist Dr. Richard Dawkins (left) and the Pope in feud over ironic Nazi comments. 
Why Atheists Fight
Faith & Reason (USA Today)
Britain's best known atheist, scientist, and author Richard Dawkins, is enraged at [former Hitler Youth] Pope Benedict XVI's attacks on godlessness. He is sputtering mad over Pope Benedict's equating the godless to potential Nazis. More
    Dawkins writes:
    "Even if Hitler had been an atheist, his political philosophy was not based upon atheism and had no connection with atheism. Hitler was arguably (and by his own account) a Roman Catholic. In any case he enjoyed the open support of many of the most senior catholic clergy in Germany and the less demonstrative support of Pope Pius XII. Even if Hitler had been an atheist (he certainly was not), the rank and file Germans who carried out the attempted extermination of the Jews were Christians, almost to a man: either Catholic or Lutheran, primed to their antisemitism by centuries of Catholic propaganda about 'Christ-killers' and by Martin Luther's own seething hatred of the Jews. To mention Ratzinger's membership of the Hitler Youth might be thought to be fighting dirty, but my feeling is that the gloves are off after this disgraceful paragraph by the pope."
    Future pope's Nazi salute was a blessing to Nazis (*
    *By his own admission (in his book, Salt of the Earth), in spite of denials by the Vatican, the current head of the Catholic Church, the greatest corporation the world has ever known, was as a young Nazi automatically enrolled in the "Hitler Youth." Israelis are angry at the Pope's failure to denounce the Holocaust, which after all the Catholic Church originally supported.
    • [Thank you to Wisdom Quarterly reader Jim Mitchell who confirms that Pope Benedict was not a Nazi. His proof is that the photograph above was cropped from the original as the young former Hitler Youth cleric was photographed in a gesture of blessing. Thank you, Jim. The Pope's own written admission of his membership must have been a misprint.]
    Was this Pope Really a Nazi?
    [Pope] "Ratzinger [who renamed himself Benedict XVI] has several times gone on record on his supposedly 'problematic' past. In the 1997 book Salt of the Earth, Ratzinger is asked whether he was ever in the Hitler Youth.
    "'At first we weren't,' he said, speaking of himself and his older brother, 'but when the compulsory Hitler Youth was introduced in 1941, my brother was obliged to join. I was still too young, but later as a seminarian, I was registered in the Hitler Youth' " (Source).
    It is ironic that the pope was a member of the Hitler Youth. And we sympathize with and understand Dr. Dawkins' position and that of any atheists who feel offended. But there is no use in mudslinging at mudslingers. In fact, it is said, "The one who slings back is worse than the original slinger" (according to The Dhammapada). It might just be that the pope is trying to divert attention from so many gay child molestation scandals by the clergy under his command by striking at an easy target, those "godless atheists."


    Anonymous said...

    in the photograph the pope is'nt giving a nazi salute,he's celebrating Mass.

    Joe, ireland said...

    This is bizarre.
    The Nazis used Christian and pagan imagery, but they were professed atheists. Nazism is the politics of despair, the belief that there is no meaning or justice outside of what man makes for himself.
    Certainly many Catholics, including priests and bishops, acquiesced with the nazi regime; others (admittedly a minority) were imprisoned or executed for speaking out. To suggest that every German youth conscripted into the Wehermarcht army, as the present Pope was, must have been a Nazi is an injustice.

    Porkie said...

    "Gay" child molestation scandals err dont think so the word you are looking for is paedophile ( take a look at your internalised homophobia would you say straight child molestation scandals ) ps great article

    Paul S. said...

    The real image

    The photo is so obviously edited, I can't help but wonder why people indulge the lie.

    Jim Mitchell said...

    The pic is cropped from one where the young Joseph Ratzinger has both arms outstretched in a blessing.\