Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Benefits of Daily Meditation (radio)

Deborah King, Ph.D.

Ever daydreamed of turning back the clock to a more youthful, energetic, carefree time in life? Or perhaps having a magical cosmic Undo button to erase certain effects that have accumulated over time — from stress, abuse, or other erosive habits which leave us with less than perfect health or a waning enthusiasm for life?

  • LISTEN: Through the Meditation Portal (September 15, 2010) Meditation is for everyone! Deborah will discuss meditative practices and the beneficial results on health, well-being, mind, brain, and spirit. This show is for anyone feeling stressed, crazy/busy, anxious! Listen live
Science and religion alike have studied and documented the numerous benefits of meditation. They reveal that meditation has a positive effect on people suffering from, or at risk for, many physical and mental health conditions.

Meditation expands consciousness by helping us get into the space or gap between thoughts. It taps into the incredible energy that exists there: There is a thought, then another thought, but between the two, there’s a little space. According to the ancients, the space between thoughts is the portal to the infinite intelligence of the universe, or Source. Call it "Buddha Nature," "God," "Universal Energy," "Spirit," or even the elusive "Unified Field."
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