Friday, August 10, 2012

The Greatest Olympian (comedy)

Wisdom Quarterly
Not -- McKayla Maroney, Team USA, women's gymnastics -- impressed (ANI/Daily Mail)

LONDON, England - It has to be said, by the tabulation of Wisdom Quarterly's resident statisticians, that the greatest Olympian is... Usain Bolt, the "world's fastest man," of Jamaica. Of course, much has to be said for photogenic-up-and coming superstars Gabby "the Flying Squirrel" Douglas, Allyson Felix, China's surprising stars, India's newest heroes, and the winningest Michael "How Much More Gold If I Had Used a Nebulizer" Phelps. Other notable heroes are decathlon champ Ashton Eaton, heptathlon champ Jessica Ennis, Japanese Buddhist monk horse jockey Ven. Kenki Sato, China's Liu Xiang, England's Mo Farah, and the legendary Bhutanese Buddhist female archer Sherab Zam, and Afghanistan and Iraq's unmysterious performance. When it comes to sports and the over 10,000 athletes in the 2012 Olympiad, comedy ranks lower than former-Olympic sport "poetry writing." Yet, somehow Monty Python manages to get both sporting and literary endeavors onto the comedic podium in "Novel Writing."

"Mitt, what does it mean?"

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