Thursday, August 30, 2012

Alien abduction and hybrid children (video)

Pfc. Sandoval, Pat Macpherson, Seth Auberon, Wisdom Quarterly
Bridget Nielsen is a healer in Santa Monica, artist, mother on  many dimensions, and a longtime alien abductee used to produce hybrid human-alien children. Abductees are hypnotized and brainwashed to repress any memory of such events, but Nielsen has managed to remember and realize what continues to happen to her as her body is used in this increasingly common practice. There are now millions of such children, and there likely have always been. American archeologist Michael Cremo has uncovered physical evidence of "modern Homo sapiens" existing on Earth millions of years ago, which should be impossible. But we are a seeded species not an entirely naturally-evolved one. Of course, our "science," such as it is with all its politics and other unscientific interference, does not allow us to so much as contemplate the possibility. There are filters in place, in the university and the mainstream press, to tell us what to think and what to mock out of hand. 
To dispel the fear surrounding aliens and abductions, we must investigate rather than hide, deny, and die a quiet death in ignorance. What do they look like these extraterrestrials -- angels of light, Greys, Nordic devas, little green men, Taylor Swift/KATY PERRY, Bigfoots, reptoids, humanoids...all of the above?
Contemplating hybridization would be moving too fast: You mean there really are extraterrestrials, space aliens? Yes. You mean they really visit? Yes. You're saying we might be the same species? It would seem so since even pre-biblical accounts tell of such interplanetary mating. The Jewish and Christian Bibles tell bastardized accounts of rape or seduction from above as the "sons of God" (devaputras) descened, beheld human women, and found them, well, easy (prey). Earth girls are easy -- everyone knows that, and all the "easier" when hypnotized. 
The virgin birth is what? A tale of consensual sex with otherworldly beings (angels, gandharvas, messenger-devas) or gods (brahmas)? Mother Mary, an iteration of the divine feminine or European figure of the Mother Goddess, was asked permission to bear the star child Western culture claims to revere above all (Jesus, Issa, Christ)? All of this is too much to bear. We much prefer a self-satisfied science telling us what to believe, what is possible, and what is utterly beyond the pail. Of course, that keeps changing. So when disclosure comes, we'll all say, "We knew all along; we just didn't want to sound 'crazy' like Nielsen" as she's Punk'd on "world-famous" Los Angeles radio by KROQ's corporate-owned morning zoo (Aug. 31, 2012). Tune in to hear Nielsen speak her truth -- and a more plausible explanation for life and technological advancements on Earth than academia and crusty old men holding chairs in departments and secret government contracts to conduct research in off-site labs are at liberty to disclose. War is money. And the military-industrial complex far prefers we laugh at the notion of ETs and hybrid babies. But the skies are full of intergalactic crafts (vimanas) as we play with our Androids and iPhones. There's more to life between heaven and Earth than most of us can comfortably dream of. We don't know what's TRUE, but we are sincere in finding out -- wherever the quest takes us. More
Welcome to the hybrid children communityfor people who have had alien "abduction" experiences and want to know why. We are dedicated to shedding light our galactic family, our hybrid children, and how these understandings can awaken humanity!

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although cross-breaded humans are long from extinct, the use of "logic" is indeed extinct.