Monday, October 29, 2012

HAARP: Storm "Sandy" smashing US (live) (USTREAM); Wisdom Quarterly (COMMENTARY) UPDATED 11-11-12

H.A.A.R.P. can steer storms, guide them like "smart bombs," averting disaster or bringing it on. It is currently being brought on with super-storm Sandy. This once-in-a-thousand-year storm has gotten help from climate chaos. It is not a "natural" disaster.

(CLIP, 7:27 mins) It is well known -- with documentaries on the History Channel, Discovery Channel, BBC, Stanford Research Inst., AP, Reuters, Bloomberg,  as confessed to by Ben "Weather Weapons" Livingston -- and admitted that the government and Bill Gates can control weather. Yet they are not steering it out to sea. Instead, it is being driven in. The military-industrial complex (MIC) is transnational and not interested in preserving the USA as such. Katrina was planned to make money, ruining property then buying it up cheap to re-purpose it. The levees were detonated as reported on the day of the event and subsequently.

(LINK) See Minute 19:24
Alarmist Alex Jones covers the retraction issued by eugenicist and TV magnate Ted Turner, who said it was a good thing that US soldiers are committing suicide in record numbers. Also covered are the "tsunami of filth" following pedophile revelations about the criminal life of the late British TV presenter Sir Jimmy Savile surface, the US elections, and Hurricane Sandy as it moves ominously toward the east coast.

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