Sunday, October 28, 2012

Meditation: "Campfire for the Mind" (MP3) (, 10-27-12); Wisdom Quarterly HALLOWEEN SERIES
"St. Michael" is Buddhism's Sakka, Deva-Ruler
Humans have used fire to protect themselves from nocturnal dangers for thousands of years. The larger the fire, the more its deterrent.

Enemies seeking to do evil/harm (to enact greed, hate/fear, delusion) and predatory/parasitic animals fear fire because of their nature.
Space-devas/heavenly light-beings (WQ)
But for humans fire represents light and warmth and energy. Firelight is anathema to darkness. Dark spirits (such as maras, yakkhas, pretas, asuras, rakshasas, nagas, narakas) cannot exist in the presence of light because the nature of these shapeshifting spirits is submission and subjugation to darkness.
There are many shining beings of light
Awareness is a torch that lights up the campfire of the mind. To have protection, one must want protection. To have freedom and vision, one must want light to displace the darkness. Being present anchors one in the NOW.
Asking for help from some higher power (noble ones, bodhisattvas, good devas, or "shining ones," protective beings of light, brahmas, virtuous individuals) invites intervention.
A "shining one" (Dougs-Trips)
Trusting that such higher powers know of our dilemma cements the relationship between us and them.
David Ruben's focusing exercise is a code to opening the portal to freedom from fear, hate, judgment, and all negative energies that cloud the mind/heart and spirit.
To listen to this MP3 please make yourself comfortable, close your eyes, and flow with David's voice. Listen to it on the media player below, or download it to a computer to listen later.

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