Wednesday, February 18, 2015

How the USA makes WAR endless

Pat Macpherson, Ashley Wells, Pfc. Sandoval, Wisdom Quarterly; Glenn Greenwald, Juan Thompson, Cora Currier, Jana Winter, Askold Krushelnycky (
Why read real news when the AP knows how spin stories and yank my heartstrings?

Glenn Greenwald
The US backs insurgents, too.
Libya shows how the West's wars are empowering its [purposely created] enemies and thus fueling endless conflict [ -- the War on Fear, the War on a Tactic, the War for War's Sake (because it is so profitable to the few, to the military and to industry, the Pentagon, CIA, and corporations). Get used to it or, like Dr. Strangelove, learn to love it, drink alcohol, take pharmaceuticals, get cancer, and shut up. In other words, trust your government, and OBEY without question, dummy.]

Ghost of endless U.S. wars and Orwellian takeover of Middle East (
Juan Thompson (Feb. 19, 2015)
Did the US Prison Boom Lead to the Crime Drop? New Study Says NoLouisiana -- a state whose motto is Union, Justice, and Confidence -- is known for many things. The Bayou State is the birthplace of jazz, Creole, and Cajun food, and New Orleans is the site of the country’s largest annual Mardi Gras Carnival. But as the Times-Picayune found in a major series years ago, Louisiana... More  

2014 was DEADLIEST year for civilians in Afghanistan
2014 Was Deadliest Year for Civilians In AfghanistanLast year marked the worst on record for Afghan civilian casualties since the United Nations began keeping track of the numbers in 2009. Some 10,500 civilians were killed or injured in fighting in Afghanistan last year, and more than 3,600 died, a 25 percent increase from 2013, according to a U.N. report released today. These... More 

White House picks new director for embattled Secret Service
White House Picks New Director for Embattled Secret ServiceJoseph Clancy has been picked to be the new Secret Service director, sources told The Intercept. The White House press secretary confirmed the appointment. Clancy has been acting director of the agency since October. The previous director of the long embattled agency stepped down after a series of security lapses, including an incident during which an intruder... More

Ukrainian forces recover downed Russian drone 
Askold Krushelnycky (Feb. 17, 2015)
Ukrainian Forces Recover Downed Russian DroneA Russian drone was shot down over the weekend during heavy fighting against separatist forces near the government-held port city of Mariupol in southeastern Ukraine.

[We all know Russia is invading Ukraine. But what most people do not know is that the U.S. is waging a proxy war against Russia and the former USSR empire using Ukraine, Crimea, low gas prices, Pussy Riot, and other destabilization programs. It's sad but true. Russia may be a terrible police state, but it is protecting itself from Western encroachment and subterfuge, given that the West is a terrible Smiley Face police state.]

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