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Science: What can mend a broken heart?

CC Liu, Crystal Quintero, Amber Larson, Wisdom Quarterly; (
Can tea soothe the spirit and melt away pounds? (5 teas that melt fat/
Penguin sweaters in Australia help birds avoid poisoning after contamination by oil spills due to a few capitalists' impact on environment (Phillip Island Nature Parks/CBS News).
Scientists on what can mend a broken heart
Morning Edition
If I don't get you, oil will! (Amos Nachoun/ABC)
[What hurts more than what Buddhism calls dukkha -- not getting what one wants, being separated from the loved, contact with the unloved? We translate this wide-ranging Sanskrit word as suffering or unsatisfactoriness. It hurts.]

Don't eat me, Mara. I'll reflect.
Anyone who has suffered a break up knows it can take time to get over it. While isolation or wallowing in self pity is not a great idea, reflecting on a recent break up CAN help speed up the healing process.
PBS tonight: documentary shares the good and bad of black history through American photography.

(Facebook) "Through A Lens Darkly: Black Photographers and the Emergence of a People" is a two-hour PBS documentary film and multimedia project that explores the ways black communities in the U.S. have learned to use the medium to construct political, aesthetic, and cultural representations of themselves and their world.
Philip Levine, who found Poetry on Detroit's assembly lines, dies at 87: In his six-decade career, Levine found grace and beauty in the lives of working people, especially the people and places of his youth. He was a United States poet laureate and a Pulitzer Prize winner. 
Beyond BPA: Court battle reveals shift in debate on plastic danger
In 2007, a plastic called Tritan became a hit, partly because it was free of the chemical BPA. Then, a competitor began suggesting that Tritan products contained other chemicals that act like estrogen.

Robert Davies (standing) and the quartet during a performance of "The Crossroads Project." Musicians include (left to right) Robert Waters, Rebecca McFaul, Anne Francis Bayliss and Bradley Ottesen.
Maybe they'll listen to music (Andrew McCallister/The Crossroads Project/
(Joe's Big Idea) Physicist Robert Davies worked with a classical quartet and two visual artists to create a musical performance about climate change. The music and images, he says, help the information take hold. [Otherwise attendees agree with the facts and figures without taking action to save energy and the world.]

Why is the USA polluting the seas with trash?
A fisherman collects water on a beach littered with trash at an ecological reserve south of Manila in 2013 (Francis R. Malasig/EPA/Landov).
Trash is coming, not the cleanup.
(NPR/The Two-Way) Plastic is one of those inventions that transformed the world. It's light, durable, and lots of things can be made with it.
But it's also transforming Earth's oceans -- and not in a good way. A lot of plastic ends up there. Scientists are just now getting a handle on how much plastic trash has gone to sea. Up until now, estimates have been very rough. It's hard to measure waste in the oceans; after all, salt water covers 70 percent of the planet.
But another way to figure out what's out there is to measure how much debris is coming off the land. That's what engineer Jenna Jambeck, at the University of Georgia, decided to do (publishing her findings in this week's issue of the journal Science). Jambeck was a good fit for the job. More
Scientists start to uncover mysterious grey goo [chemtrail cloud?] killing birds. The substance coated the feathers of hundreds of birds in the San Francisco Bay last month, killing more than 300 (
[The CIA sets up situations governments can exploit as propaganda that serves as pretext for joining the U.S. military-industrial complex's war on the Middle East using Islam/Islamists as a convenient target. (AP) The makers of the video identify themselves as the Tripoli Province of the ISIS group -- the Islamic militant group that controls about a third of Syria and Iraq]. War propaganda from mainstream media cheerleaders:

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