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We REJECT RepubloCrats (comedy)

Pat Macpherson, Seth Auberon, Ashley Wells, CC Liu, Wisdom Quarterly; Laura Kightlinger, Stef Zamorano, Mike MacRae (Jimmy Dore); This Modern World; Jen Sorensen; Sane Progressive
Stealing elections, - it's all silly! So smile with big fat happy Budai the bodhisattva
"Hillary Clinton" (Laura Kightlinger) talks to Stef Zamorano (Jimmy Dore Show/
Comedian in Chief: "The Cycle of Trump" (Tom Tomorrow/'
You can't hit someone with glasses.
It's a false two-party narrative, a duopoly. The whole of the media -- right-wing and nominal-left -- is the establishment jumping on the "Hillary or Else" bandwagon. We say, "Hill no!"

At this week's convention it was, "Hell no, DNC, we won't vote for Hillary." Not now, not ever. Now it may be that the AP, Google Corporation, MSNBC, the Republican Party, NBC, and the mainstream media and military-industrial complex talking heads want us and demand that we hold our noses and support Clinton. H-ll no.

Bring it! I will destroy you.
We would sooner support the other evil that stands like a a strawman in the race. The fact is, while he is more overtly laughable, Donald J. Trump is the lesser of two evils. Yes, lesser. But we won't vote for evil. There are many other choices. (Learn about and vote progressive with good Green Party candidate Jill Stein).

Vote "or Else"
Kevin Uhrich (, 7/28/2016)

A Trump-Clinton presidential race leaves much to be desired.

Get this comic free (Greg Palast)
It’s been a stressful past couple of weeks for anyone interested in preserving what’s left of our fragile democracy.

First it was last week’s GOP national convention in Cleveland, with Republicans demonstrating just how low a national party struggling to remain relevant can actually go by handing over the nomination for president to New York developer Donald J. Trump....

This week, the cameras pulled away from Trump in Cleveland and focused on Clinton in Philadelphia...for the Democratic National Convention. There Clinton, who made a mess of our foreign policy as Secretary of State and ultimately lied to Congress about her penchant for using her own server to send and receive tens of thousands of emails -- many of them classified -- garnered that party’s nomination.

[It would not have been the first time she was criminally indicted, but the current Democratic administration put the fix in and made sure the FBI recommended against felony charges.]

Only that did not occur before it was revealed by WikiLeaks that DNC Chairwoman Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz [pictured with flag below] of Florida, taking a page from the book of a Richard Nixon dirty trickster, was herself writing emails on how to force renegade Bernie Sanders out of the race. The revelation resulted in corrupt Schultz resigning... More

"Trumping Our Safety" (
"RNC 2016" (Tom Tomorrow/
DNC Disaster
I fight Bernie, help Trump, work for Hillary.
Disaster for the DNC
Carl Kozlowski (, 7/28/2016)
Please vote for my daddy. I can do this job.
The Democratic convention gets off to a rocky start with the resignation of corrupt Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz.
Although the national press and pundits predicted heated protests that never materialized during last week’s Republican National Convention, even bigger drama occurred in Philadelphia during this week’s Democratic National Convention.

Please vote for my mommy...or else.
The chairwoman of the DNC, Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, resigned on Sunday, announcing that she would oversee the convention including her speaking duties on the opening and closing days, but would otherwise step down immediately in the wake of embarrassing revelations found in DNC emails and publicly released through WikiLeaks.
Among the revelations made in the 20,000 emails released by the hacktivist organization were... More

Talking to Bernie about selling us out
Sane Progressive

(Debbie the Sane Progressive) Starts at Min. 2:15
Sane Progressive asks Bernie why he did not address Clinton's ELECTION FRAUD. She was ignored by the kowtowed politician.

"Radical Cleric vs. Trump" comparing Islamist and the Donald (
COMEDY AUDIO: Jimmy Dore Show (6/10/16)
5-27-16More stuff happened and we make fun of it: Google skewed search results for Hillary Clinton and got CAUGHT. "George Clooney" calls in to talk sexism and reaching a new [sexual] milestone in his personal life. “Mourning Remembrance” with Jim Earl. Pres Obama and his press secretary show Hillary supporters how to woo voters. 

Rediscover Yourself
(Patti Carmalt-Vener/
Rediscovering Yourself
What if there were a three-step exercise to help you learn who you are and where you came from? There is and here it is spelled out to be your own therapist.
Shoplifting symptom of deeper problem

Sane Progressive
Equality Rally at DNC: Sane Progressive, Election Fraud, Tim Black Explains what's wrong with Bernie Sanders now. We support the message, but he let us down, fearing to cross the "powers that be." He was silent about the illegal activities of Hillary and the DNC. We've had no democracy since Bush/Cheney stole their elections. Hillary means FRAUD.

Jill NOT Hill!
Jill Stein (Green), third party candidate, to end sexism and corruption!

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