Thursday, October 1, 2009

"Buddha Phone," Meditation movie

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"Buddha phone" launches, plays Nirvana
A single tap of the phone's dedicated lotus-leaf button loads a private, customizable, animated altar. The idea is to let devotional-Buddhists perform rites and rituals conveniently away from home.

Buddhist "Meditate & Destroy" movie trailer
This feature-length documentary provides an intimate portrait of Dharma Punx/Against the Stream founder Noah Levine, a Buddhist meditation teacher who uses his personal experience and punk rocker sensibilities to... Watch video (See Clip #2)

More stuff to Crave
We dredged the series of tubes for you! Second Life's Inworld Buddhism?

"Wuthering Heights," Wikipedia in 5-minute chunks
Free service lets you learn about world religions like Buddhism, classic books, famous poets, and Greek mythology from Wikipedia in five minutes via e-mail and RSS installments.

Policemen declare that their religion is "Jedi"
Members of the Strathclyde police in Scotland declare that their official religion is Jedi. The U.K. Office of National Statistics incorporates "Jedi" with "atheist."

Buddhist lama calls video games "emotional therapy"
Senior Tibetan Buddhist monk Dorje Trinley has given his seal of approval to video game play as emotional therapy -- until you blast him in Call of Duty.

FREE ALL MUSIC offers FREE MP3 downloads in new advertising model.

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