Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Jobs: workers wanted

How small savings become big savings
Even if you haven't saved at all, it's possible to retire with more than $1 million in the bank. Cut the waste

Enterprising women launch businesses at flea market
(Mercury News) Andrea Ricardez surveys her jewelry spread across three tables. Earrings catch the light from their displays, multicolored bracelets of all shapes, sizes and styles huddle together, and necklaces line up along the flat tables. Two tables down, Nubia Finch chats up a potential customer and gestures toward a group of gold and bronze necklaces. More>>

Even as layoffs persist, some good jobs go begging
(AP) In a brutal job market, here's a task that might sound easy: Fill jobs in nursing, engineering, and energy research that pay $55,000 to $60,000, plus benefits. Yet even with 15 million people hunting for work, even with the unemployment rate nearing 10 percent, some employers can't find enough qualified people for good-paying career jobs. More>>

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