Saturday, October 6, 2012

Sex and Justin Bieber barfs on stage (video)

Amber Dorrian and my kid sister Bela, Wisdom Quarterly UPDATED

Empty man (cloudkooky)
OMG, would-be Black Canadian dancing sensation, The Beebs (Mr. Justin Bieber, 18) regurgitated a white phlegm-like substance in the middle of a live performance in Arizona this week, and the whole world saw it! 
Hope his "beard" Selena Gomez missed it. I wish I had. Back in my day I was crazy about another Justin. But Mr. Timberlake, proud fiancee of beauty Jessica Biel, would rather upchuck, swallow it, and die rather than toss it. That's what a real popstar would do.

My baby sister is crushed -- not that The Beebs humiliated himself and hurt his uber "clean" image, but crushed by the thought, "What if he's sick?" What if? His PR firm sprung into action claiming it was his sadness over the death of his fan Avalanna. The kids of today! Great choreography, Beebs.

What happened? Asian correspondent goes behind the scenes to find out
Who are these stars?
Amber Dorrian, Seven, Pat Macpherson, Wisdom Quarterly (ANALYSIS)
Devas are real fairies (
A strange thing is happening, and no one seems to have noticed: The Beebs, Tadolf Swiftler, Eminem, Avril Lavigne, Catty Purry, Nicki "Roman" Minaj, Lady Gag, Ke$ha, Mariah Carey, Brit-BritChristi Eagler, Paris Hilton, Justin 1, Beyonce, Rihanna... (hybrid "Nordic" aliens actually come in all shades) all look like flawless porcelain figurines, like Greco-Roman gods and goddesses (devas and devis), like human-alien hybrids distracting us with viral 100-million-view YouTube hits. MIC conspiracy?

Judgey distractors Mariah and Minaj (MTV)
Better Hollywood/Tel Aviv agents, PR techniques, Auto-Tune? They behave just like the ancient godlings of Greek, Roman, Indian, and Sumerian lore -- petty, sex-crazed, foolish distractors cum distractions full of pride and conceit, narcissism and hubris -- serving as models for humans. These hybrid celestial-terrestrial "gods," "fairies," "angels" are real (as are shapeshifters). What else could account for the sudden fame and popularity, and accompanying TMZ insanity, of such vapid figures? On a deeper level it all seems to come back to craving.

Taylor Swift is a space alien hybrid (wastedseconds and facebook)
There's more of us where I came from.

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