Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Russia rejects genetically modified US corn

Sean Poulter)
Cancer risk? A farmer shows two corncobs of genetically engineered corn by U.S. company Monsanto, right, and two normal corncobs from Germany, left
Cancer risk? Two genetically engineered Monsanto corncobs, right, and two normal ones from Germany, left. Biotech companies have "proved" the safety of GM crops by conducting only 90-day trials on rats.

Russia has suspended the import and use of American GM corn following a study suggesting a link to breast cancer and organ damage.
Separately, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has ordered its own review into the research, which was conducted at a French university.
The decision by Russia could be followed by other nations that would deliver a severe blow to the take-up of the controversial genetic technology.

Experts at the University of Caen conducted an experiment running for the full lives of rats -- two years.

The findings, which were peer reviewed by independent experts before being published in a respected scientific journal, found raised levels of breast cancer, liver, and kidney damage. More

Wisdom Quarterly (COMMENTARY)
Avoid US corn and corn products (corn syrup, maltodextrin, chips, corn-fed beef, grain fed chicken, pig, and the countless other products that conceal cheap corn ingredients). Otherwise expect organ damage, cancers, obesity, persistent hunger, depression, mood fluctuations, migraines, fibromyalgia, and/or diabetes as the likely result of consumption. Even the best, most natural organic corn was considered a starvation crop, a starchy grass. It has been made into a dangerous frankenfood and gasoline substitute that, because it is so extremely cheap, is used in nearly all prepared/packaged foods.

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