Thursday, October 4, 2012

Where can teens meditate?

CC Liu, Wisdom Quarterly;
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Now if we close our eyes and pay attention to our breathing, Who would believe what’s going on inside our heads?

That steady flow of thoughts, emotions, and fantasies is said to be "normal." Yet it can distract, stress, and keep us from recognizing who and what we really are. It can keep us from being here for what’s really happening right now. 
"I'D RATHER BE HERE NOW" a sticker on a van reads.
MAYA Retreats lets teens and young adults take a step back from life’s demands to explore what’s really going on inside and around us. Then it provides a place to share the experience with other teens who are also looking for what’s real.
Using silent meditation techniques, discussion, and activities in a friendly environment, we learn to develop the kind of calm while alert mind that can help us feel more relaxed, confident, and satisfied. Click to learn more.

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