Monday, October 8, 2012

un-Happy Columbus Day! (video)

Ashley Wells, Xochitl, CC Liu, Pfc. Sandoval, Seven, Wisdom Quarterly; (10/11/10)

Did "Indians" want invaders? (
Christopher Columbus was a titan or ogre (asura or yakkha) credited with the "founding" of a well populated continent that came to be called the "New World" by Europeans inhabiting the Old World.
It's been 520 years since he, whose name in indigenous tongues is too horrible to utter, "discovered" a shortcut to India -- a land named "America" after Vespucci, when he certainly would have preferred Columbia, like Washington's "D.C." (District of Columbia).
WARNING: Graphic reenactments of genocide! () "The Legacy of Christopher Columbus, A Short Account in Technicolor: Memory One of Ceiba de Cuba, De Sus Raíces"
Peanuts by Charles Schultz (
What did he do that he is so reviled by indigenous peoples today? His crimes against humanity are legion -- systematic rape, child molestation, torture, biological warfare (intentionally disseminating small pox), spreading venereal disease, drug abuse, alcohol, internecine warfare, causing famine, stripping the land and tribes of gold, murder, and genocide.

Chris, the mercenary soldier-of-fortune also known by the euphemism "explorer," invaded the continent before other European empires. His historic accomplishment is honored every year in the U.S. with a federal holiday. "Columbus Day" is held on the second Monday of October, which means no work or school for most Americans.
Asuras: real monsters (babylonrising)
Indigenous and Native groups suggest a more realistic view of history: How did Columbus conquer the First Nations and consolidate an empire in the Americas? Not only were there Asiatic Native Americans, as exist today, but there were GIANT hybrids (real-life nephilim) here as well. The Smithsonian knows it, and archeologists know it, but the public is kept in the dark. Most giants and Sasquatch and hybrid humanimals were disposed of or sent into hiding, to the relief of ordinary-sized humans. The truth of their existence is not acknowledged even today. But indigenous lore is replete with stories of their existence and a long history of interaction with native peoples.
(Crass5231) "Where Next, Columbus?" by Crass from the album "Penis Envy"
"...Marx had an idea from the confusion of his head, Then there were a thousand more waiting to be led. The books are sold, the quotes are bought, You learn them well and then you're caught. Anothers left, anothers right, Another's peace, another's fight. Mussolini had an idea from the confusion of his heart, Then there were a thousand more waiting to play their part. The stage was set, the costumes worn, And another's empire of destruction born...." More
The sinister reality has led to a national movement to renounce Columbus Day. It may well become Indigenous People's Day or Genocidal Remembrance Day or maybe Where Next Columbus Day. A new movie based on a book by Democracy Now's Juan Gonzalez on the history of US polices and Latinos in the face of empire has just opened in theaters.

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