Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wisdom springs from Meditation

Seth Auberon, Wisdom Quarterly
Sit. Rest. Bring up attention. Pick an object, any object will do. You've chosen the breath -- a present time object that always exists only in the present. Breathing is now. I breathe in; I breathe out. I am aware for the entire length and duration of the in-phase, of the out-phase, and any small residual resting phase in between, clearly comprehending BREATH.
My mind wanders to something less subtle, more entertaining, less "boring," more stimulating, less regular, more varied. As soon as I notice I've drifted, that is the Choice Point. Congratulate self. Pat self on the back. Smile. Return to noticing the NOW. What am I doing now? I'm breathing. I breathe in, I breathe out, and I notice it all the way through. 

There is the Automatic Mind, which is distracted, which produces thoughts, which makes me miserable. I am aiming at the joyful, restful, intuitive, alert, ready-for-enlightenment state: Peaceful Mind. How do I get there? 

I stay alert. I stay noticing every time the mind wanders. Meditation is about noticing. I abandon expectations, which only get in the way. Sleeping is losing attention. Meditation is staying alert. Rest. Peaceful Mind is resting there, alert.

Absorption (jhana) awaits.
Thanks to Against the Stream meditation instructor JoAnna Harper for adding the "pat on the back" step. For the one sure way to ruin a meditation is to scold the mind for wandering. It's natural. It's been a wild beast in the wilderness for a long time. Mindful meditation is tranquilizing the mind then emerging with purified-intensified attention ready for insight practices that produce results. Let it R.A.I.N: Recognize, Allow (accept), Investigate, Non-identification.

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