Friday, October 5, 2012

True Story of Mind Over Matter: PK Man; Coast to Coast AM (Oct. 4, 2012); adapted by Wisdom Quarterly
PK (psychokinesis) is the ability to control things using only the mind. The PK Man: A True Story of Mind Over Matter (Hampton Roads, 2000) by Jeffrey Mishlove with a foreword by Dr. John Mack MD, Harvard professor of psychiatry, presents an unbelievable story.
However, in the spirit of William James, it deserves careful attention. It is a scientific exploration of a mystery -- perhaps the greatest parapsychological find in history. The book documents the extreme paranormal ability of one human being, Ted Owens, to contact UFOs and to influence large scale events -- weather, volcanoes, hurricanes, lightning, and power blackouts.
UFO "angels" and "gods" visit humankind
Owens felt that he was the first human being since Moses, a famous Old Testament biblical figure, to exhibit such power. There are many illustrations and newspaper clippings available that confirm, support, and add context to the remarkable claims made in The PK Man. 

But is parapsychology even a "legitimate" science? See Dr. Mishlove's unique doctoral diploma from UC Berkeley. Meanwhile, Mishlove has engaged in work on financial forecasting and the Thinking Allowed TV series on topics related to psychokinesis. See a recommended list of book titles in the fields of ufology and parapsychology.

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