Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Greenwald: "Collect it ALL" (U.S. spying)

Today and tomorrow, Democracy Now! airs a two-part special with The Intercept's Glenn Greenwald, one of the journalists who brought the Edward Snowden information to light.
The National Spying Agency wants it all
He, Laura Poitras, and others went through The Guardian, a mainstream media British publication at one time brave enough to expose U.S. spying activity through the government's National [Spying] Agency the NSA. This revealed a web of corporate complicity in the "social media" arena. The CIA, NSA, FBI, DHS, and others have been up to their elbows in Facebook, SnapChat, Twitter, Google (especially Google), Yahoo, and other data collection businesses. Everyone used to wonder how they made money while reporting quarterly losses period after period. Now the world knows; it was more than Wall Street speculators propping it up.
I think we sold out for the right pice. - Me, too
And Greenwald has more to say after winning a Pulitzer for his reporting and being threatened by the military-industrial-spying complex. An American, he now lives abroad in Brazil but was brave enough to return to the U.S. talking about his new book. Snowden is fighting the good fight to rein in our out of control secret-government. But it doesn't want to be reined in and hopes to do more harm to our privacy before anyone stops it or enacts laws to curb it. Some localities already have. But the cover up is the size of tsunami raising all boats in the harbor and threatening to smash us to smithereens against the rocks. More (MP4 video only)

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