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Was the Buddha Ukrainian? (video)

Amber Larson, Dhr. Seven, CC Liu, Wisdom Quarterly (archives);
The Buddha was a supremely handsome Central Asian royal with blue eyes, fair/golden complexion, black curly hair, and striking features, from the Solar Dynasty, a warrior-caste "noble" (Aryan or Iranian). See Rhys Davids' Jataka (trans.) with "Story of the Lineage" (MT)
Pres. Putin invades Ukraine to illegally annex Crimea and begin rebuilding USSR Empire

Buddha, Jesus Christ, and ancient Egyptians were Ukrainians, Real Life Stories
Venerated in Burma (oRi0n Fabio/
[The] Buddha, who is widely worshiped in Asia, was of direct relevance to Ukraine, the official publication of the country’s parliament wrote.

Jesus Christ actually lived 3,000 years before his canonical birth and spoke the Coptic language, which is a close language to the ancestors of contemporary Ukrainians...

“It is quite possible that [the] Buddha belonged to the Scythian nation of Budins [who] lived on the territory of ancient Ukraine during the first or the second millennium B.C.

Deposed Ukrainian [princess] prime minister
“The name of the nation is still preserved in the names of Ukraine’s contemporary settlements -- Seredina-Buda, Buda, and some others,” the newspaper of Ukraine’s Supreme Rada wrote.

Gorgeous Buddha in Asia
“Everything is clear from the ethnic point of view. [The] Buddha was a Scythian Arian [Aryan in Buddhism means "noble one," but is thought to derive from the word for Iran, people from the northwest implicated in ancient "Aryan Invasion" theories about the rise of the Indus River Valley and India], a member of the Budin tribe. The descendants of the tribe still live in the Sumsky and the Chernigov region of Ukraine, as well as on the neighboring lands of Belarus and Russia,” the newspaper said.

Buddhists far to the West and North
Dhr. Seven, Amber Larson, Wisdom Quarterly (COMMENTARY)
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Yay, the Buddha's cool and Ukrainian! (FEM)
The “sensationalist” article was written by Valery Bebik, a doctor of Political Sciences, a professor, deputy principal of Ukraine University, and the chairman of the board of the All-Ukrainian Association of Political Sciences.

Mr. Bebik published a number of his articles in the official newspaper of the Ukrainian Parliament before. He wrote his previous articles for the paper to “prove” the remarkable role of the Ukrainian civilization, which endowed the world with spiritual enlightenment, outstanding prophets, philosophers, and leaders.

In 2008-2009, the Ukrainian professor shared his amazing observations of ancient Egypt, ancient Greece, and the ethnic origin of Jesus Christ.

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Blue-eyed reclining Buddha, final-nirvana (W)
“The name of Egypt’s major temple, Het-ka-Ptah, sounds very much like Ukrainian words hata and ptaha (“house” and “bird”). The pictures on the Egyptian pyramids show that Egyptian queens were blonde women with blue eyes, just like many Ukrainian women. One should also pay attention to the fact that the trident, which is currently the minor national emblem of Ukraine, can often be seen there too,” the [social] “scientist” wrote.

“We have already outlined the facts that placed in question the official church version of the ethnic origin and the biblical dates of the life of Jesus Christ and the historical epoch, in which the basis of Christianity was formed.

It looks like Christ actually lived 3,000 years before his canonical birth and spoke the Coptic language, which is a close language to the ancestors of contemporary Ukrainians,” The Voice of Ukraine wrote. More

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