Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Obama, "The Untold History of the U.S." (video)

Pat Macpherson, Seth Auberon, Wisdom Quarterly; Oliver Stone, Peter Kuznick (RT); KPFK
You're going to back us in Congress, in the Pentagon, in the NATO meeting. And if you're lucky I'll give you a pass with lobbyists, Barry, Schmendrick. - Okay, but then we golf, right? (AP)
Nation, have we done enough for Israel, big business, and the clandestine services that keep me, I mean us, safe? - Where's he going with this? D*mn it, he's been talking to Bibi again!

(Bush and Obama: Age of Terror) "The Untold History of the United States" Oliver Stone
"To radically change the regime's conduct we should think clearly and valiantly, because if there's one thing we have learned it's that regimes do not want to be changed. Our thinking should go farther than those who preceded us, discovering technological changes that

(RT.com) Oliver Stone and Prof. on RT with Abby Martin: In the guise of a sheep, he's a wolf."

Obama: Management of a Wounded Empire
As Americans we are living in an Orwellian state, argue Academy Award-winning director Oliver Stone and American historian Prof. Peter Kuznick.

They sit down with RT to discuss US foreign policy and the Obama Administration's disregard for the constitution or the rule of law.

Both men argue that Pres. Obama "under the disguise of a sheep's clothing he's been a wolf" and that people have forgiven him a lot because of the color of his skin, the upbringing, the internationalism, and the "nightmare of the Bush presidency that preceded him." 

"He has taken all the Bush changes and he's basically put them into the establishment. He's codified them. That's what's sad," Stone told RT. "It is an Orwellian state. It might not be oppressive on the surface, but there is no place to hide. Some part of you is going to end up in the database somewhere."
NDAA, citizens!
According to Prof. Kuznick, America is a country where our government intercepts more than 1.7 billion messages a day. "That's email, that's telephone calls, that's other forms of communication....We've created a 1984."
Abby Martin's RT program is called "Breaking the Set." She discusses the Showtime cable channel 10-part film series and the book it is based on, The Untold History of the United States co-authored by Stone and Kuznick.

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