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Corrupt police go on trial in Los Angeles

Grab her! She's wearing a wire! She's wearing a wire! She's wearing an underwire bra!

She's packing some kind of baggies with gel... Drugs, drugs! It's not sexual assault if I'm wearing a badge. (Occupy My Boobs/ Ehrenreich et al./tumblr)
MA woman with the sense to record her cop encounter on her cell phone is now facing felony wiretapping charges for not informing them. (What if they had broken the law on tape?) Karen Dziewit was drinking outside an apartment building. Residents complained that she was yelling at them and refused to calm down. More
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LA jail scandal: 1st of 20 indicted sheriff's deputies faces trial
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Rina Palta (KPCC)
The first of 20 [criminal] deputies charged in a sweeping investigation into corruption and civil rights violations in L.A.'s county jails goes to trial today.
James Sexton is charged with obstruction of justice related to an incident involving an [L.A. Jail] inmate working as an FBI informant.
According to prosecutors, a group of deputies learned an inmate at Men's Central Jail, Anthony Brown, was working as an informant for the FBI. The FBI was investigating [police] corruption -- such as deputies smuggling contraband into the jails -- and civil rights violations that included deputies beating inmates.
Turn around, I beat your faces, m-f'ers!
[This would amount to felony assaults under color of uniform, conspiracy, gang affiliation in that Sheriff deputies have formed a criminal gang among themselves, attempted murder, witness tampering, and torture of captives, which is a "crime against humanity" in the eyes of the International Court of Justice even if condoned by American courts].
LA Sheriff Corruption
US Attorney Birotte, LA FBI's Lewis (AP)
Prosecutors say when deputies learned Brown was an informant, they interviewed him, took his cell phone away, and "fudged" records to make it look like he had been released from jail.

Meanwhile, Brown was being moved from jail to jail under a false name [kidnapping, false imprisonment, conspiracy, witness tampering, falsification of records].
Sexton is accused of helping falsify records, keeping watch over the hidden inmate, and denying access to FBI agents who arrived at the jail to talk with Brown.
You want Tibet, S.O.B., I'll give you Tibet!
He later approached the FBI with his concerns over the episode, but nevertheless was charged as part of a larger obstruction of justice case against seven deputies allegedly involved in hiding Brown.

Sexton's defense attorneys are expected to argue that he was following orders from higher ups [criminal conspiracy], that he was unaware he was being investigated when he cooperated with the FBI, and that he did not intend to obstruct justice, as evidenced by his later cooperation with federal authorities. 

The remaining six deputies in the case are expected to go to trial when Sexton's trial concludes. LISTEN (0:51 secs)

Open season on a defector in Big Bear, LAPD Officer Dorner, serial killer (
Police state
Sheriff Lee Baca stepped down abruptly earlier this year, not to avoid charges being brought against him or anything...but, well, sort of to avoid charges. He was seen recently walking around as a free man attending the blessing for Pasadena's planned Armenian Genocide Memorial, which ironically commemorates a holocaust and torture perpetrated by Turks while he as Sheriff for term after term perpetrated crimes against humanity with impunity. He didn't know. How would a boss know? It must have been "rogue elements" under him. Yeah, that's it! The other police did it! He can't be held responsible for covering up for them...if he can prove he didn't know. Yes, sure, maybe he should have known, but if he can prove that he did not... Well, now we see why he had to leave office. If he were charged and held, a standing Sheriff would be thrown in the very jail system he runs. And what kind of justice is there in that? If he gets thrown in one he ran, well that's more acceptable to keep up the front that Los Angeles police are here to serve and protect everyone. They are here to "protect" only a very few and to "serve" banking interests and other conservatives who give them money. And taxes from citizens don't count. They just don't, so don't try to bring that up.

(, May 12, 2014)

(InfoWars) Dr. Steve Pieczenik: "Shutdown the corrupt CIA and DHS [Department of Homeland Security] because both are incompetent and psychopathic!" Alex Jones agrees.

PHOTO: Andre Birotte, U.S. Attorney for the Central District of California, at podium, and Bill Lewis, Assistant Director in Charge of the FBI’s Los Angeles Division, right, take questions on the five criminal cases filed against 18 current and former Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies as part of an FBI investigation into allegations of civil rights abuses and corruption in the nation’s largest jail system, during a news conference in Los Angeles, Monday, Dec. 9, 2013. The FBI has been investigating allegations of excessive force and other misconduct at the county’s jails since at least 2011 (AP/Nick Ut).

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