Friday, December 11, 2015

What's really behind Paris ISIS-attacks? (audio)

Jordan Maxwell, host Richie Allen (Facebook/David Icke, Nov. 2015), Wisdom Quarterly
Researcher Jordan Maxwell explains the Paris Terrorist Attacks. (Paris's original name was Par-ISIS, a fact now obscured, Maxwell explains). That attack inspired by ISIS took place on Friday the 13th. He also delves into the Knights Templar and more!

The Arc de Triomphe and Napoleon
"As early as the 15th century AD, many Parisian historians believed that the city of Paris owed its name to the Egyptian goddess Isis. There are various manuscripts from around 1402 AD at the Bibliotheque Nationale in Paris which contain drawings of the goddess Isis garbed as a medieval noblewoman seen arriving by boat to Paris and where she is greeted by nobles and clergymen under the caption ‘The very ancient Isis, goddess and queen of the Egyptians.’" More

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