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Unexplained mysteries have explanation (video)

Pat Macpherson, Pfc. Sandoval, Ashley Wells, Dhr. Seven, Amber Larson, Wisdom Quarterly; Michael Cremo (; Lloyd Pye; Strange Mysteries; Elite Facts (video)

Heart Sutra: Kwan Yin in Moon (WQ)
While we say there is "no explanation," that means it is not yet confirmed and accepted as scientifically-verified fact within our consensus reality. But there is an explanation, one that is very convincing.

Here, two experts (Cremo and Pye) pursuing separate lines of research come to the same conclusion many -- including the Buddha and the ancient seers of the Vedas -- reported: This world, the living beings on it, mainly but not exclusively the humans and animals, are much, much, much older than is reported in the stories archeologists and anthropologists try to tell us.

Even the Bible -- that bestseller of an imperial Roman psy-ops campaign -- is misleading because few Christians or Jews realize that it is based on much older tales and histories handed down from Sumer (Sumerian civilization, which itself did not originate them), Egypt, Mithraic mysteries of the Near East, Lumeria, and other epochs.

How long is an "aeon"?

Measuring time in aeons, kalpas (TMU)
The Buddha spoke of aeons (various kinds of kalpas, ordinary, great, and of indeterminate duration).

The Vedas, which come from the Indus Valley Civilization that flourished 10,000 years ago, also speak of an inconceivable number of kalpas and periods measured out in astronomical numbers. Given scientific discoveries that claim this planet Bhumi or Earth is a little more than 4.2 billion years old, we would guess that humanoid earthling life has existed on it for about 3 billion years.

But that is just this planet this time around. Cycles of world-origination, world-dissolution, and indeterminate periods in between are constantly churning. What remains true is the ability of karma. The kalpas stretch much further back, an inconceivably long time. How long is difficult to fathom or specify exactly. But the Buddha was asked, and this is how he answered:

Far-seeing Buddha, Borobudur (Ulambert)
Imagine a stone mountain made of marble one mile high, one mile wide, one mile deep, without a fissure or crack, and a bird comes and lands on top of this single great mass of rock, this monolith, and wipes its beak using a fine silk cloth from Kasi (Varanasi) once every hundred years. Well, that great mass of rock, that monolith would sooner be worn down completely and yet one great-kalpa (major aeon) would still not have elapsed.

It staggers the imagination, but that is how it is with ancient Indian reckoning, and the same may be said of ancient Mayan, Khmer, and other advanced civilizations of the past with stunning knowledge of the stars, 26,000-year cycles, and patterns they could not have developed without off-planet assistance. The fact is, we have always had otherworldly intervention, help, and information to guide life on this planet and on other planets. The galaxy and universe is FULL of life much more advanced than our own.

Forbidden Archeology

(Truth Disclosure) The Hidden Truth About History and Human Origins with Michael Cremo
(Frontier World) Lloyd Pye explains at the NEXUS Conference 2003, England.
Frontier WorldThe first person we can turn to is the Forbidden Archeologist Michael Cremo ( who explains life on Earth and the existence of "modern" man (Homo sapien sapien) hundreds of millions of years ago, as distinct from current accepted archeology from gatekeepers in the university who claim we are only 30,000 years old.

Cremo's numbers are based on artifacts that contradict and can in no way be accommodated using the theories being promoted by gatekeepers and others "approved" sources. One should understand that it is not that the powers that be in these fields do not know better. They do. But they have much to lose and little to gain by accepting what the data says. Their careers are more important that going against the grain of acceptability.

Everything you know is wrong
Everything You Know...
The other person is the late Lloyd Pye, who is in agreement with the great Zacharia Sitchin, a pioneering researcher and interpreter of ancient Sumerian, Hebrew, and other sacred texts. He is much more direct in accusing "respectable" scientists of wearing blinders and promoting the party line. Even though science is a series of corrections guided by the evidence -- wherever it takes us -- that is not the way science is actually handled. Instead, we have something that is full of implicit bias and a great deal of self-interest, the opposite of the dispassionate objectivity it claims for itself.

20,000,000 years of suppressed human history with Lloyd Pye (PART 2), (PART 3)

Author Lloyd A. Pye (1946-2013) claims a superior alien race called the Anunnaki (Sumerian "gods" who came from the sky from the planet Nibiru) incrementally terraformed and populated Earth for their own reasons.

They later returned to Earth and, through a process of genetic manipulation, produced humans [earthlings]. These ideas come from translating and interpreting ancient Sumerian texts (Anunnaki and Nibiru are names from Sumerian history). Pye argues that these alien beings are responsible for the megalithic structures around the world, the growth and advancement of Sumer, the domestication of plants and animals, and strange flaws in human DNA.

Realize that most of these ideas originate and were inspired by the claims of Erich von Däniken and Zecharia Sitchin.

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